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Talking Points

Tax Reform: The bulk of the deficit-expanding Tax Reform lined the pockets of the top 1%, expecting the wage earner to settle for ‘trickle-down’ economics. We must trim the $1.4 TRILLION price tag of recent tax reform by closing corporate loopholes & re-storing the top individual rates to their pre-reform level.

Healthcare: It makes financial sense for both Americans AND America. The bottom line; healthcare is cheaper when all Americans are covered.

Education: In America we start too late, short teachers, and then charge too much for higher education. We need to teach to the child, not to the test. Equally disperse funding; how much your land is worth should not dictate the quality of education your child receives.

Affordable Housing:  Affordable housing options for all citizens are vitally important for the health of America. The shortage is becoming more critical in our district, with up to a 9,000 unit shortage in Greenville County alone.

Climate Change: We must heed the science on this issue; failure to do so could be catastrophic. Coral reefs are dying, we have too much co2 in the atmosphere at 3 parts per million. We can reverse course with a coordinated Global effort to reduce emissions through green energy solutions.

Criminal Justice System Reform: Inequities in the criminal justice system have decimated entire segments of the American population. We must stop the school-to-prison pipeline now. Needs for prison cells are currently being projected based upon 3rd grade reading test scores. We are 5% of the world’s population and 20% of the world’s prison population. Good for big business. Bad for America.

Common Sense Gun Safety: Weapons of war have no place in the civilian world. A ‘well-regulated’ militia includes universal background checks, longer waiting periods, more stringent licensing, training & re-certification regulations.