• Who is Lee Turner?

  • Lee is the daughter of an Army officer.

  • Lee Turner knows business.

  • Help Lee take back Congress.


The daughter of an Army Officer, my father, ‘the Col’ fought in 3 wars and then went on to fight another ‘battle’ when he established and ran the ROTC dept for 20 years in the small NE Ga town when he retired from active duty. Growing up, my family lived primarily in the south aside from being born in Japan, a short time in California, plus 3 very pivotal years spent in Heidelberg Germany during my teen years. I grew up in a large family of 5 kids of which I was the second. The ‘Col’ was tough but my mother ‘the General’ was tougher.

After finishing college with a BBA in Accounting from the University of Ga, I began my career at PriceWaterhouse as an auditor in Atlanta. I moved briefly to SW Va/NE Tn where I worked in a financial capacity for a coal company. Upon my return to Atlanta, I began a 6-year stint at Turner Broadcasting/CNN some 20 days after CNN went on air. The syndication division there, of which I became VP of Business Affairs, was responsible for establishing CNN in airports & hotels all around the world. Later while still in Atlanta, I obtained a real estate license and performed free lance tax & audit work. Additionally, I spent 2 years in North Carolina also doing tax and audit work.

I found my way back to the town in NE Ga right over the border from SC where my family settled earlier. A variety of opportunities presented themselves in this small town. I enjoyed 2 CFO jobs spanning a period of 13 years where I learned the granite manufacturing business as well as the long-haul trucking business. I also managed health care in my CFO capacity during this time. Additionally, during these years, I began renovating historic homes, developing interior design as well as carpentry skills. Finally, I established a white table cloth restaurant from the ground up, including obtaining the first liquor by the drink license in the town’s history.

After 20 years there, I left to experience farm life on a registered cattle farm in middle TN. I came away from that experience with many new skills and knowledge of an agricultural life.

I was lured to Greenville SC 4 years ago, an area with which I had become very familiar while just over the border for so many years. Here I returned to Tax work, where I honed my skills in my favorite subject from my college years. The knowledge acquired in this most recent endeavor, doing tax work essentially for the wealthy, propelled me to political action. The knowledge I had acquired made it crystal clear: the proposed tax reform as outlined by Steve Mnuchin in late April of 2017, was a tailor-made tax cut for Donald Trump and his cronies as well as the fleecing of America.

I have neither aspired to nor sought political office prior to this current endeavor. Today’s` horrifying political climate clearly favoring the uber-wealthy coupled with the need for common sense in Congress has spurred me to action. I am a problem solver and ‘fix it’ person by nature. I see problems and issues that need fixing and I get busy. My professional background has armed me with knowledge in many arenas including health care and tax reform, as well as responsible fiscal thinking. My entrepreneurial spirit has honed my visionary and creative skills.