Let's Fix it.


"I respectfully ask for your vote on June 26th and when elected next November, I promise to go to Washington D.C. and spend every day in Congress fighting for South Carolinians." 

Doris "Lee" Turner

As the daughter of an Army Lieutenant Colonel who fought in three wars and ran an ROTC program, Doris "Lee" Turner learned early how to stand on her own two feet. After school overseas in Heidelberg, Germany, Lee returned with her family to Elberton, just down the road in northeastern Georgia. At age 15, she started her days at zero-dark-thirty to gather, roll, and deliver more than 200 copies of the Anderson Independent. As a result she earned the money for her first car. Although she was the first papergirl in her small town, eventually she became known as the town's best "paperboy."

Lee was raised alongside five siblings. Her father was the "the Colonel," but her mother was "the General." Her parents ran a tight ship and everyone had a job to do. In fact, Lee had a job even if she had to create one. In college, she recruited a friend to help her sell donuts. They drove to Atlanta on Saturdays, invested in 200 boxes of steamy fresh donuts and sold them in small towns on their way back to school in Dahlonega. The profits helped her to buy her second car.

Firmly grounded by her family's southern roots, Lee's life values include hard work, but she was also taught to believe that giving your neighbors a hand when they need it makes for a stronger community.

Her 40-year business career began in the trenches as an auditor for one of the world's most prestigious accounting firms, Price Waterhouse (now PwC, or Price Waterhouse Coopers). That led to executive level positions with Turner Broadcasting where she helped launch CNN worldwide. Later she held top finance positions in multiple industries, including coal and manufacturing. She also launched and managed a small business, worked in real estate, and lent a hand at farming.

Today, Lee is a tax consultant for businesses and individuals with assets that put them in the top tax bracket. She understands business because she has run businesses, and she understands people because she has served her customers successfully throughout her entire career.

Lee's friends and family like to say, "She is the Jane of all trades and the Queen of fix it."

With little money, a small team, and multiple obstacles, Lee uses ingenuity and resourcefulness to fuel her campaign. But she continues to keep her eye on the goal – serving voters.

She came to the race with no political connections, but starting early, knocking on doors, shaking hands, and getting to know voters across a diverse district, gave her perspective. For more than a year, Lee has been listening and continues to shape her platform around voters' needs. Whether it's better healthcare for seniors, women, and children, tax relief for small businesses, or better pay for teachers, she knows the candidate to prevail in November must help fix what's broken and preserve what's not.

While she likes to lead with an audacious personality and make others laugh a little, Lee knows it's her character, integrity, and hard-earned qualifications that make her the best candidate for U.S. Congress in South Carolina's District 4. Her supporters are confident that Doris Lee Turner will go to Washington D.C. to fight for equality, human rights, and the middle class. She is also determined to restore the checks and balances necessary for a healthy democracy in South Carolina and across the country.